The Colombian Congress of Ichthyology is a prominent event in the field of ichthyology, bringing together experts, researchers, and scholars to discuss and share knowledge about fish and aquatic ecosystems.

Organized by the National University of Los Llanos, this congress provides a unique platform for the exchange of experiences, presentation of research, and debates on relevant topics for the conservation and study of fish in the region.

With successful previous editions, the Colombian Congress of Ichthyology is recognized for its academic quality and contribution to the advancement of ichthyological science in Colombia. Additionally, the event promotes integration among professionals in the field, strengthening collaboration networks and driving research development in ichthyology in the country.

Through lectures, roundtable discussions, scientific presentations, and interactive activities, the congress offers an enriching environment for the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of dialogue among participants. With a diverse program and up-to-date content, the Colombian Congress of Ichthyology is an unmissable opportunity for those interested in the study and conservation of fish and their aquatic habitats in Colombia.


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